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We stand for collaboration, quality and reliability, ensuring that we work with you to build long lasting success.



Our team are highly skilled, motivated and committed to delivering outstanding results. Led by professionals to ensure we deliver on our commitments.

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Our maintenance professionals set the highest standards and are extremely proud of their projects. We are very committed to having our clients' assets look their best at all times.

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Our exclusive residential landscapes are renowned for their finish and quality. We bring a fresh new level of professionalism to this industry.

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Estate Packages

Landscape Elements offers individualised landscape packages for developers in the Perth metropolitan area. The estates are managed by our in-house Landscape Architect and constructed by our skilled Horticulturalists.
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One of Perth's unique open spaces

Unique public open space that reflects and embraces the heritage of the location
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One very commanding entry to a stately Park

Whiteman Edge
Everyone can appreciate the vibrancy and appeal of these works.
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Nestled in the nature setting.

Nestled in among the trees are modern structures and unique playspaces for all ages. A beautiful piece of modern meets bushland.
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Landscape Elements, the leading innovators.

From the humble beginnings of a ute, wheelbarrow and hard work to a company that employs over 50 staff, our people are the true asset of Landscape Elements. We are well trained professionals with skills across a broad spectrum of areas. No matter what you need, you can rest assured knowing we have you covered.

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Seeding innovation, growing people, creating landscapes and maintaining connections.

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Millars Landing Public Open Space Now Open

A unique public open space that reflects and embraces the heritage of the location

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Supporting Local Business

Landscape Elements are humbled to have the opportunity to support what we consider an amazing business initiative by a local family.

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We’ve won another Award!

It is always nice to be recognised but this award is something we are very proud of as it recognises our passion and commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Read more 21 July 2018 News