Getting your garden ready for the hot summer months

22 November 2019

At Landscape Elements we are experienced at maintaining the health and vitality of gardens and large public green spaces during the hot summer months.  The steps we take are simple but effective and easy for you to do on your own home gardens.

  1. Apply soil wetting agents which will assist in improving moisture levels between watering cycles and help minimise the amount of water you need to use.
  2. Check moisture levels are being maintained and ensure your irrigation is operating correctly and is only on during your set watering days.
  3. Check mulch levels to ensure there is enough coverage over the garden, this also will help to improve moisture levels.
  4. Trim hedges and plants lightly but regularly to ensure strong growth without burning the tips.
  5. Apply a liquid fertiliser to assist with plant health.

Following this simple process can be much more ‘time and money saving’ than having to bring a garden back to life at the end of summer!

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