The Many Benefits of Battery Operated Equipment

22 September 2020

At Landscape Elements we are continuously striving to improve our environmental impact, and as such we have started replacing diesel or petrol with battery operated equipment wherever possible.

Our Maintenance Department have been trialing battery operated blowers, whipper snippers, hedgers & pole pruners and the benefits for both the environment and our staff welfare are many, including;

  • Chemical & Environmental hazard eliminated – no diesel refuelling onsite, eliminating accidental spill and chemical burns, less fumes and pollution
  • Lightweight – worker fatigue reduced
  • Reduced Noise – tools are quieter, resulting in less public noise nuisance and less noise for our workers
  • Reduced vibration – battery powered equipment vibrates at lower levels which is much less fatiguing on our workers
  • Environmental Benefits – Zero emissions produced during use

The trials have also shown that the same work productivity can be achieved with the battery operated equipment which ensures we are still maintaining efficiency while improving our environmental impact.

We are really pleased that these trials of battery operated equipment have been so successful and are looking forward to continuously upgrade equipment to battery powered ongoing.

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