Waabiny Park

Department of Communities
PLACE Laboratory

Landscape Elements are proud to have been a part of this new and unique style of landscape construction at Bentley Northern Parklands.  This park is the beginning of rejuvenating the area that has been lying dormant for a long time.

The project included a significantly large section of civil works, custom play equipment and streetscape painting, along with a substantial amount of reclaimed, repurposed and recycled materials to create a space of multiple sporting and recreational activities that reflect its colourful past, including the iconic Brownlie Towers.  Some of these items included old pool signs, shade structures, bricks, rotary clotheslines, letter boxes, timber from fallen trees and even sections of concrete foothpaths.

The design ensured the park was built around the existing trees and Landscape Elements took much care to protect these magnificent trees during all stages of construction. They now provide natural shade and beauty to many areas of the park.

The park is purpose built to bring all parts of the local community together.

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