Oakebella Stage 3 Public Open Space

Wellard, WA
Emerge Associates

Oakebella Stage 3 is a new public open space (POS) that includes a beautiful new play space for kids and lots of open space for the overall community to enjoy. It also includes a new custom built shelter, picnic settings, BBQ and seating benches throughout the entire space.

There is a large percentage of new grass among garden beds, which in turn utilises the site grade sloping in such a manner that it creates an amphi-theatre feel around the new exposed aggregate ‘stage’ that is sure to attract local community groups and businesses. The site also welcomes transplanted coral trees from the old sales office location, and together with the new imported tree and plant stock, creates an overall beautifully designed and landscaped park.

The new play park equipment was constructed by our local sub-contractors, utilising local timber and materials where possible. Surrounded by softfall rubber, sand and softfall mulch it creates a dynamic and delightful playpark that kids are sure to enjoy.

Project Visuals

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